About Andy

ANDY MEEHAN is running for Congress in JUNE 2, 2020 Republican Primary in Pennsylvania District 01 to replace incumbent Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick! Congressman Fitzpatrick has voted again & again with Democrats for Gun Bans, Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Planned Parenthood, Amnesty, Obamacare, Carbon Taxes, Biological Men in Women’s Sports, & publicly condemning President Trump as a “racist”.
Andrew Meehan
  • Supports President Trump
  • Will Vote Republican Values
  • Supports 2nd Amendment
  • Will Vote to Fund the Wall.
  • Opposes Amnesty.
  • Signed No New Taxes Pledge.
  • Defund Sanctuary Cities.
  • Defending Women's Sports and Spaces.
Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Condemns President Trump.
  • Casts 75% of Votes with Democrats.
  • For Banning Guns & "Red Flag" Laws.
  • Voted Against Wall Funding.
  • Voted for Amnesty for Illegals.
  • Supports Carbon Taxes.
  • Supports Sanctuary Cities.
  • Voted for "Transgender Equality."



STATEMENT FROM ANDY MEEHAN (6/5/2020 9:00 am) https://meehan2020.com/election On behalf of MEEHAN FOR CONGRESS campaign, I am extending my warmest…
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